About Us

The founder of PMS Accounting entered the public bookkeeping/accounting services business with 17 years of previous business and management experience in 1992. A need was recognized that many small businesses could not afford a full charge bookkeeper or accountant, or the ability to perform basic correspondence tasks and business startup procedures, paralyzing their ability to grow with the resources available to them. Formed as a diversified clerical service which included, bookkeeping, accounting, small business tax preparation, clerical and office support, the business continued to grow to over 150 diversified businesses, many of which we can proudly say, we helped grow their business.

As more small businesses emerged into the marketplace, making up the majority of jobs in our country, the accounting software developed, along with specialty payroll services, but not to the degree necessary to truly relieve many businesses of cumbersome tasks associated with their bookkeeping and accounting requirements. Businesses have been forced to use parts of Intuits many products for the do-it-yourselfer, or purchase extremely costly custom software, once again, made to perform pre-determined tasks, but often times still missing the mark and cost prohibitive, while still lacking automation of repetitive tasks to enable better productivity.

In 2008, we decided to close shop and dedicate more time to program development. Our theory being, who better to develop accounting bookkeeping and account programs, than Bookkeepers and Accountant’s? While we were innovating and creating, we continued to stay connected to many of our previous clients and began to provide custom program services which have been largely in demand.

Our conclusion is, it is better to provide a specific service to a specific industry and do it really well, than provide general bookkeeping and accounting services. We can do so much more, efficiently and cost effectively. Since our previous services included both residential & commercial property management as well as extensive experience in the construction industry, and is a market we are well versed in personally and professionally, it seemed like a natural direction we should take. Property management is very specialized and requires timely billing, payments, statements and reports. Property management companies should be able to concentrate on their business, not be overwhelmed by their accounting. Many smaller property management companies can pay for our service with one new rent-up, while larger companies experience even greater savings by using our services, versus providing this in-house.

When property management makes more money, we make money. Pretty simple!

Likewise, construction that is not properly accounted for, maintained, controlled and properly costed, can turn profits into losses before you even know what happened. This is also an extremely specialized area where lack of experience can be its demise. Contractor compliance, tight contracts, keeping abreast of current laws and ever changing regulations, can be your friend or foe. Timely billing, change orders, request for contingencies, transmittal's, accurate budgets, complete and accurate supporting docs, lien releases, all equal big trouble, or when done properly, big gain. We make sure communication is maintained, so you can do the job and collect profit when the job is complete.

You do what you do best, and we do what we do best. Straight forward!