What We Do

Applications are only as successful as the person writing them, not only as the end goal, but the developer must have a thorough understanding of the entire process. We do not just write good programs, we are still hands on (in the weeds) in the business of accounting, business management, administration, and streamlining processes to maximize repetitive information, and reduce human error during the process. We do not just build programs, we build intuitive programs that are the brains of your business, removing human error in every practical way possible, giving you more time to see what is actually happening in your business, not spending every waking hour processing mountains of paperwork. Thirty five years of business ownership, accounting & management, make us better at creating solutions, not more problems. Time is money, so let us help you save more time, so you can make money doing what your business was designed to do.

Why Use Us

We don’t just write programs, we create the entire process (procedures) to run your business when it comes to pushing papers. From every aspect of accounting, starting at the bank, the clients, vendors, jobs, employees, proposals, budgets, schedules, costing, maintenance, transporting, well you get the idea. We can create fully integrated (are partially, if that’s all you need) and complete systems that require minimal skills. We build the brains into our programs, new employee training is minimal, and control over your business is maximized.

Types of Clients

Truck Rental, Manufacturing, C-Stores, Construction, Land Developers, Property Management, Industrial & Residential, Retail Stores, Asset Management Firms, Law & Paralegal Firms, Architectural & Engineering firms, Homeowner Service Companies, Recycling Services, Crime Scene Cleanup Companies, Automotive, Truck, Car Dealerships and Repair Facilities, Poultry Farms, Elder Care Residential Care Facilities, Race Tracks, Trucking Companies, and others too numerous to list.

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